Biometric verification for SIMs from 28th February

NADRA is all set to launch the Biometric Verification System for Telecom Operators form 28th February. According to NADRA spokesperson all Telecom operators have agreed with Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to launch Biometric Verification for issuance of new SIM.


The Biometric system will require each citizen to provide his/her fingerprints at the Sales center for authentication agaist CNIC data with NADRA. Once the fingerprints data matches with NADRA records, new SIM will be activated. According to the NADRA official the verification process will only take 15 seconds.

The new Biometric Verification system will enable Government to crub the use of illegal SIMs and to control terrorism. Though Government tried different methods before this system but they were all flawed and were prone to frauds, with fingerprint verification system it is expected that the issuance of illegal SIMs will be reduced. On the other hand Cellular companies are complaining that they have to invest at least 500 million each to deploy this new system.


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