Samsung is going to launch the next member of Galaxy S series – the Galaxy S4 in New York on 14 March. Internet is flooded with the rumors about the specifications of the phone. Due to Samsung’s integrated supply chain only a few details about the phone have leaked out ahead, others are just assumptions.


According to some tweets fromĀ  @evleaks, an account which focusses on the smartphone market, suggested that the phone is equipped with AMOLED screen, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and LED flash. An eight-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16-64GB of storage with microSD card slot. It is expected to run Android JellyBean 4.2.

Some rumors suggest that the Galaxy S4 will include the eye-tracking technology that will scroll pages on the screen according to where you are looking. An enhancement to Samsung Motion features. Other rumours point to a gesture-controlled interface rather than a pen-based system.


According to Samsung’s chief product officer Kevin Packingham the Galaxy S4 is an amazing phone overall. Now we have to wait just for a week for this amazing phone to launch. We will update the details as soon as the phone is launched, don’t forget to come back next week.

Check out the teaser video of the Galaxy S4, with the secret messenger Jeremy: