Share what you hate with Hater app

Hater is an Instagram like app that encourages its users to share their grievances rather than post about all their favorite things. You can take a picture or upload a photo from your phone, share it with a caption, and view/respond to other posts from the Hater community.


On this app, users don’t press the Like button for their friend’s posts and pictures. They hate them instead, bonding over frustrations of everyday life such as bad weather, traffic delays or bad shopping experience.

Facebook users might love this app, because on Facebook you can only like things, not hate them and this app also gives users the option to pull an image of something they hate from other sites like Facebook and Google+ and share them with the Hater community.


Despite being a social network entirely dedicated to hate, Hater isn’t worried about cyberbullying. “Online bullying occurs on every social network, regardless of the theme of each app,” said Holly Dietrich, Project Manager for the Hater app. “Hater has methods for reporting any inappropriate posts, and we thing the app can actually have positive results from all the hate.”

Hater app is only available for iOS now, and Android users including me really hate this fact!

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