IMEWE Undersea cable repaired, better Internet speed and pings

According to some reports and confirmation by PTCL the India-Middle East-Western Europe or IMEWE undersea cable has been repaired and now working as usual. The fault located in Segment 1A of the undersea internet cable near Mumbai has been rectified.


It is told that the post repair system performance has been verified and undersea cable is now functioning in full throttle. Repeaters performance and splice loss all are as per the acceptable values.

IMEWE undersea internet cable was found faulty on March 08, 2013 causing a loss of 45 Gbps of PTCL IP bandwidth and 1953 Voice circuits with Etisalat UAE.

IMEWE supplier Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) had given the tentative time period of six days required for the correction of fault since its repair ship started the recovery operation on April 5.

After the recovery of IMEWE cable, most of Pakistani Internet users are reporting increase in the speeds and better pings to International servers. Fault in the SEA-ME-WE 4 cable is yet to be resolved.