President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari would not be happy to hear the news that now Telecom companies of Pakistan are also making fun of his identity.

Pakistan’s largest  cellular company Mobilink recently uploaded a video on one of its official Facebook fan pages, which is a tutorial guide about how to activate your MobiCash account. (A Mobile banking service offered by Mobilink and Waseela bank). The video is a nice and to the point animation, but the interesting part starts when a sample CNIC is shown on the screen. The details are a little blurry but becomes legible when it appears the second time. Have a look at the screenshot below:


If you didn’t notice anything interesting let me quote the particulars of this CNIC, thanks to our friends at PakZindabad who first noticed this little stunt by Mobilink.

نام: زرداری کمینا

Name: Zardari Kamina

جنس: خواجہ سرا

Gender: Shemale

والد / شوہر کا نام: ابھی تک معلوم نہیں ہوسکا۔

Father / Husband Name: Not known

شناختی علامت: کتے جیسا منہ

Identification Mark: Face like Dog

and the Signature of ID Card holder reads as

خاندانی کنجر

From Family of Pimps

We know that these days, some TV programs air sitcoms and comedy shows, where actors portray as President or Prime minister and say some funny stuff but this is something huge. A multinational company is mocking President of Pakistan using offensive and vulgar words and the attack is focused on the personality of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari.

We can’t say, who is responsible for this kind of hideous act, but Top officials of Mobilink or the parent company Orascom should take immediate notice of this blunder.

Update: Seems like Mobilink guys read our story and now the video has been removed from Facebook fan page and we are banned from that page. Now that’s rude, isn’t it?

This video is still available at the MobiCash Facebook fan page but we are afraid that soon the page admin will try to remove any evidence of this video, I am not sure if this video has been aired on TV channels. So we have uploaded it to a free hosting service, have a look: