PTCL launched new 3G Evo Tab

PTCL has recently introduced a new version of its 3G Evo Tab, now with a dual core processor and Android ICS operating system.

Back in 2011 PTCL offered the Evo Tab for the first time, which was powered by a 800MHz processor and 512MB of RAM with Android Froyo 2.2 on top of it. This tablet offered 3G wireless broadband with calls and SMS functionality but PTCL ridiculously priced it at Rs. 30,000 with 6 months of Unlimited Evo, an year later price was dropped to 12,000 with 3 months of Unlimited internet but the tablet failed to attract the Pakistani customers due to its low hardware and outdated software.

Specifiactions of New tablet

The key specifications of new Evo Tab are:

  • Qualcomm MSM8625A 1.2GHz Dual core processor
  • 512 MB (RAM) & 4GB Flash (ROM) with MicroSD Slot up to 32 GB
  • 7” IPS screen with WSVGA LCD 1024X600 HD resolution
  • 5 Megapixel rear Auto Focus, VGA  Secondary front Camera
  • EVDO/CDMA 1X 1900Mhz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth EDR 3.0
  • 3800 mAh internal Battery, Up to 6hours usage


The new tablet is priced at Rs. 18,000 with three months free internet, which is unlimited. But after 3 months the charges for internet package offered are Rs. 500 per month which is capped at 10GB volume per month.

No doubt the specs of this tablet are better than its predecessor and PTCL has set a reasonable price this time but still, 512MB of RAM and ICS operating system are pretty much outdated. The IPS screen will give you better picture quality but the performance of the tablet won’t please you. Also the package offered after the promotional period is not unlimited and capped at 10GB per month. So if you are thinking about buying this tablet, think twice.

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  • Naveed Ahmed

    I have bought it. It's excellent in use. I haven't used previous EVOTAB which was launched in 2011.But as it is mentioned above that still, 512MB of RAM and ICS operating system are pretty much outdated. Having seen this I became a little disappointed. However, I'm satisfied with this new EVOTAB…. I love it.. buy it as soon as possible. I hope you will surely be happy to use this new 3G EVOTAB….

  • Waqas Amjad SEthi

    The box that i looked at today stated that it has a 1 GB ram, I can live with 1 GB RAm but 512 MB is too low. So which one is it? Is it 512 MB or 1 GB? Can some one please confirm that.

  • Akmal

    Dear all

    I would like to inform for the well being of all that 3 G Evo Tablet is sold by PTCL, originally procured from China through a firm Mega Plus of Isd. My candid opinion regarding this product is:

    a. It is not worth the price that u pay.

    b. It is very delicate in handling and minor mishandling would render it faulty.

    c. It has many complications and to rectify them, u have to run after the PTCL Dept. Dept individuals most of the time would give u shocking responses. They would refer u to Mega Plus which is located at Isd. At the cost of time, effort & fuel even if u manage to reach there, they would respond in typically Pakistani culture that it is beyond the scope of warranty etc etc and put u in long technical stories thereby convincing u either to throw away or leave it as a bad job. If u oversmart them, they are likely refer u to yet a private vendor. (Vendor will provide u repair facility at ur cost and responsibilities) PTCL nor Mega Plus have any interest in custom loyalty by giving post maintenance facilities.

    d. Its touch and 3 G is lukewarm even at place like Rwp / Isd. The fate in rest of areas could be estimated well by all.

    e. Once launched initially, probably it was beyond 30,000/- then brought to 24,000/- and as of now is being sold at the cost of 14500/-. So imagine the poor quality that PTCL is offering to customers. Even at prevailing rates it is not worth keeping and is not making any place in market.

    Kind regards.

  • Asif Kazi

    Lethargic – very very poor performance,
    Only use is to make it an AP (tethering) but then if so is the only usage, why not go for evo cloud?