PTCL posts Rs 3.33 billion profit in first quarter of 2013

PTCL announced Rs 3.33 billion profit for the first quarter ended on March 31, 2013, registering an increase of 39.22% against Rs 2.39 billion in the same period of the last year.

Profit of the company surged due to increase of revenue, other operating income and a decline of selling and marketing expenses.
The revenue of the company stood at Rs 32.18 billion, witnessing an increase of 13.89 % in the first quarter when compared it with Rs 28.25 billion of the same periods of the last year.
In the same way, the other operating income has also shown a surge by 75.40% from Rs 0.70 billion for the period ended on March 31, 2012 to Rs 1.23 billion in the same period of the current year.
Aside from this, selling and marketing expenses recorded at Rs 1.99 billion in first quarter of 2013, showing a decrease against Rs 2.01 billion during the period under view. The company has declared Rs 0.65 earnings per share (EPS) in the current year against Rs 0.47 EPS of the last year.
According to the result announced by PTCL, neither cash dividend nor bonus was announced by the company for first quarter of 2013.