PTCL Smart TV application now available for PC users

PTCL has recently introduced the Smart TV PC application, with this application now Broadband subscribers can watch 125 TV channels on their PC without getting the IPTV service and there is no need for any Set-top-box.

[Update 2016] Read this new article for Watching SmartTV on PC and Mobile


How to Subscribe?

To avail this service PTCL Broadband connection is required. You can download the PC application from this link, and the modem settings guide can be downloaded from here. To subscribe to this service you need to call 0800 80 800 or visit nearest One stop shop.
This service is offered free until May 31, 2013 – after that Rs. 250 per month will be charged for this service.

Terms & Conditions:

  • PTCL Broadband is required for PTCL Smart TV application .
  • Application can be installed on Vista, window 7 and above Operating systems.
  • VODs are not available in Smart TV PC Application. Smart TV Application only provide live channel stream.
  • TSTV feature is not available with Smart TV PC Application
  • Smart TV PC Application service would be absolutely free with Smart TV Jadoo Plus and Smart TV.

After the Smart TV service for EVO customers this is a good move by PTCL to grab some extra customers, who love to watch TV on their Desktop or Laptops.

Some users have reported that they are able to use the application successfully without even subscribing for it. Try your luck – may be you can get this service free too. Don’t forget to tell us your experience via comments.