Yesterday Google has officially announced Android Jelly Bean 4.3, the next version of Android operating system. Visually there are a few changes, as this update fixes a few bugs and provides many new features for developers.

The multi-user support which was introduced in the previous version is now enhanced with restricted profiles, with the help of it now the content and apps for any user can be restricted, also the in-app data can also be controlled and you can restrict the user to access certain features of an application.


OpenGL ES 3.0 support has been added for for better 3D graphics. Google also unveiled the Google Play Games application which lets you keep track of games your friends are playing and leader board for achievements in the game.

Bluetooth Smart, dial pad auto-completion, new notifications view and a few more technical changes like security and network have been added.

Google has already started rolling out the new update for Nexus devices and soon HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 Play Edition devices will also get the update.


So what’s next in the world of Android, Do you think Google will release the much awaited Key Lime Pie version next time or it will be another update for Jelly Bean?