In a latest move PTCL has put a limit of 50GB on the usage of 3G EVO, Wi-Fi Cloud and Nitro packages, where as a 75GB limit has been imposed on Nitro Cloud and Wingle.

evoIt merits mentioning here that earlier PTCL imposed a fair usage policy of 300GB download limit for Broadband customers and Rs. 5,000 per month are charged for crossing the limit.

PTCL has over 1 million customers of EVO and Nitro wireless broaband service and the main reason for customers to choose PTCL over other Wireless Internet service providers was unlimited downloads, as most of customers aren’t happy with the service quality of PTCL.

Now once again PTCL cheated its customers and imposed a limit on downloads. The official website of PTCL doesn’t provide any information about the penalty or extra charges after crossing the limit but sources tell that after crossing the 50GB / 75GB downloads limit Internet speeds will be¬†throttled to 128kbps.

If you are an EVO customer and FUP has been applied to your package, Do share your opinion in the comments box below.