Security Analysts have found a major bug in Google Glass that can force it to perform certain actions without its owner’s knowledge anytime, anywhere.


Most of you may know about Google Glass, which is a futuristic device by Google that runs on Android and nearly performs all the actions a smartphone can do, except you wear it just like glasses. So what is a QR code? A QR code is a type of matrix barcode, which contains different sizes of squares that can be scanned with a phone or a similar device to perform certain actions or get information quickly.

Analysts at mobile security firm Lookout were able to force Glass to perform certain actions, such as sharing user screen, join wireless network and extracting personal information. All they have to do was to create a malicious QR code, as Google Glass is set to process any QR code that device’s camera detect without any authorization.


Theoretically a hacker can force Google Glass to share any information via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. Someone can easily be tricked to scan a QR code or the hacker can just place copies of QR codes near you – so you accidentally scan them and hacker gets the control of your device.

A few months back Google sold the Explorer Edition of Glass to a selected group of persons, finding security issues has been an important part of this program and Google team has been quick to fix previous bugs. Lets see what solution they can offer to fix this major bug.