Mobilink and Train of Thought have strategically partnered to launch ‘SmartPush’ – a new technology embedded in mobile apps – that will enable customized location based advertising rather than using the old SPAM techniques.

SmartPush is the first of its kind service in Pakistan that works as an intelligent advertising engine. It learns about its users over time and builds on usage history to provide targeted advertising that is customized to the individual user. On the back-end, advertisers and developers can leverage from the powerful analytics tool that covers campaign analytics and predictive modeling to build a potential customer base.


With SmartPush, developers can monetize their apps entire active install base, not just active app sessions. This increases overall revenue generation potential.The extra revenue earned through SmartPush can help in making more exciting apps and acquiring new users.

SmartPush pays developers every month in their local currency. Our on-shore presence allows us to cut through the inefficiencies of overseas payments which can often be slow and expensive for developers.

Mobilink aims at encouraging smartphone savvy users, entrepreneurs and app developers as a means of working towards a technologically prosperous Pakistan. For more details visit