ZTE to open hardware factory and research center in Pakistan

Fan Jiang, Vice President of Zhongxing Telecom (ZTE) met with Federal Minister for Planning and Development, Ahsan Iqbal and discussed about development work in the country. Mr Fan told the Federal Minister that they were expanding their operations in Pakistan in three major areas i.e. Energy, Information Technology and Security.


Ahsan Iqbal showed his concern why ZTE has no research center in Pakistan as they have 12 global research centers worldwide including India. He told the representative of ZTE that Pakistan has world class talent regarding IT sector and company should open global research center to make the Pakistani IT professionals as part of company’s global resource.

Mr Fan assured the Federal Minister to open a state of the art research center in Pakistan. Minister told that Pakistan Government will encourage Chinese companies to work in Pakistan.The Company representative told Ahsan Iqbal that they were setting up a hardware factory in Punjab preferably in Lahore.

In energy sector, company is interested in solar energy. Apart from energy they will also eagerly work in Information Technology and Security of the country. Mr Fan told that he was quite optimistic of delivering if the government gives stable policies. Representatives also pointed out an MoU signed in 2009 but could not be materialized. Mr Ahsan assured them of his full support to Chinese companies.