After a long wait, finally the big day has arrived. The launch of OPPO’s latest flagship device N3 is imminent and we’re here at Singapore, Sands Expo and Convention Center to witness the unveiling of new devices from OPPO.

The event is scheduled to kick start at 2PM local time (11AM Pakistan Standard Time) and the registration desks are pretty much crowded already. The emphasis of this event will be on the N3, with 16-megapixel swivel camera, however there may be a surprise with the unveiling of R5 ─ world’s thinnest smartphone.


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2:35 PM: Folks, finally we’re in and seated. The event will start in a moment, right now some loud music is playing and three giant screens are showing landmarks from places where OPPO is doing business.



3:10 PM: The host is finally on stage and she’s calling Mr. Jet Lee, Head of OPPO in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore


3:15PM: Mr. Lee is telling about the company, its mission and how it is helping for a better future. One slide reads that OPPO is doing very good business in Asian markets.

DSC_01133:23 PM: The next person on stage is Sean Deng, CEO Singapore Market and guess what? he has already taken out N3 from his pocket.

3:25 PM: OMG! Now he is showing the swivel camera of N3 and yes it is a motorized camera and its not that slow to move.

DSC_01303:30 PM: You can rotate the camera by using any of the 4 options; by your hands, gesture on screen, o-click remote and the button on the back.

3:34 PM: OPPO N3 has worked with Scheider Kreuznach to make camera and the rotating mechanism. One pixel has 1.34 micrometer.

3:40 PM: N3 has the VOOC Rapid charging system, which allows you to quickly charge the battery, a 5 mins charge gives almost 2 hours of 2G call time. This phone comes with a slimmer version of VOOC charger, however performance remains same.

DSC_01533:42 PM: The presentation about N3 is over and three smartphones have emerged on stage. People are rushing towards the stage to take a picture, where’s the fire?

DSC_01643:46 PM: One minute left to take a picture of the “selfie king” and I already did take one picture.

DSC_01583:54 PM: Bryan Derballa, a photographer from New York is on stage now, comparing N3 camera with his professional gear. Lucky guy he got the sample unit a month earlier.

DSC_0167DSC_01703:59 PM: OPPO Product Manager, Bakarrik Azeri is on stage with the octa-core R5 smartphone.


4:02 PM: There’s a video playing about the history of slim phones starting with Motorola and yes, it says that R5 is world’s slimmest smartphone with 4.85mm thickness. Pretty impressive, everyone is clapping!


4:06PM: Now he is explaining some technical details like cool element and processing cores.

4: 12PM: Three boxes have came down from the roof containing R5 smartphone, people are going crazy again and I’m not gonna go there to take a photo.

4:17 PM: Anyway here is the photo of R5 box, going back to the roof


4:18 PM: Zaid Matar from Qualcomm is up on stage now, praising OPPO and their commitment to serve the customers.


4:23 PM: General Manager OPPO, Mr. Sky Li has revealed the prices. N3 goes for $649 and R5 for $499. These prices are US dollars most probably and devices will be shipped from December. Attendees are now invited to the experience the phones.

DSC_0187Make sure to check our coverage of N3 and R5 later. In the meanwhile Have a look at some of the images from the event:

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