Ufone brings an expensive way to record calls

Nearly all of the smartphones and some of the feature phones allows you to record phone calls. It may be illegal in some cases, but usually people record calls for future reference and the other party remains oblivious.


For those who don’t have the record option, Ufone has introduced a new service which allows you to record calls and listen to them over and over again, however there are some drawbacks:

  • The service is extremely expensive
  • You have to pay each time to listen a conversation
  • Its not stored on your phone
  • The other party knows that call is being recorded

How it works?

To use the recording function you have to add 52 before the number, after the other party allows the call to be recorded, you can start the conversation. Once call is ended you can replay it by dialing 5103.


  • The recording charges of each call are Rs. 2+tax per minutes, keep in mind that these are extra charges, you’ll be charged for the call as per your package plan.
  • Calling 5103 will be charged at 50 paisa+tax per minute.
  • Service charges are Rs. 3.75+tax per week.