Are you the kind of person, who sets 5 different alarms to wake up early in the morning, but end up snoozing / turning them off, all while asleep? Well thankfully here is a solution that makes sure you wake up!

A company named Pavlok, operating out of Boston, Massachusetts has kicked off the indiegogo campaign for “Shock Clock” ─ the first of its kind device which uses, vibration, beeping and ultimately an electric shock to wake you up.


Just set the alarm before going to bed and wear the Shock Clock, it uses the combination of three ways: vibration, beeping and a zap! The Shock Clock wants to change your wake up behavior by reprogramming the brain through aversion therapy. Interestingly the same company launched another device 2 years ago, that aimed to break bad habits using electricity ─ however the Shock Clock seems to be a better idea.


If you’re interested in the Shock Clock, grab one at Indiegogo with early bid price of $79, however if you press the snooze and wait for commercial launch the price will be $99.