Twitter Launches Dashboard Tool For Businesses

Businesses around the world have their focus on Facebook, but Twitter is trying hard to get the attention and in some ways it can be a better platform to interact with consumers.

Twitter has introduced a new tool called “Dashboard” today for businesses to help connect them with the consumers and community.

The tool gives small businesses a better understanding of how they can use Twitter to connect with consumers and promote their products and services.


Create Custom Feeds:

If you’re a business, it is important to know what people think of you. People on Twitter might not know your handle or may be they aren’t tagging you. However it doesn’t mean they are not talking about you.

Dashboard allows you to create custom feeds to find out what’s being said about your business. Once you have setup the trigger words or hashtags you will instantly get to know what people are saying or asking from your brand.

The ability to see these Tweets at a glance offers endless opportunities for you to connect with customers and potential customers with responses that add value.

Scheduled Tweets:

Earlier the scheduling feature was only available to advertisers, but now anyone can schedule a tweet to reach the audience when they are actually online and you’re busy doing some other work.

Tweet Tips:

They can help you start converstaions and engage the audience, when you are not sure what to Tweet. This feature will suggest you what you can tweet based on the nature of your business.

The Twitter Dashboard beta is rolling out for all businesses starting today. Go to or download Dashboard in the App Store.