Driving License Applicants Now have to Pass Computerized Driving Test

The government of Punjab has now decided to introduce “Electronic Driving Centers” in the province where driving license tests will be taken through car simulator instead of actual cars.


The new system has already been approved and it will be operational in Lahore from October. The driving simulator will benefit both the Traffic Police and the applicants in many ways.

There is no need to stand in queues for your turn to give a test on a car you don’t feel comfortable driving. Just make sure you score a minimum of 75 marks in the simulator test and answer basic questions about road safety and you’re good to go.

Where you can give Driving Test?

The electronic driving centers will be established in Arfa Software Technology Park, Police L.O.S Traffic Police Center Thokar Niaz Baig, Police Lines, LCCHS Defence and CTO Lahore’s office. To appear for a test you must carry a valid Learner Driving permit.

Via MoreNews

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