Facebook adds Polls & Payment Suggestions to Messenger

Facebook has recently added two new features, Polls & Payment Suggestions to its Messenger app of Android and iOS, allowing users to poll with their friends and remind them to pay back any money that is owed.


Can’t decide which movie to go? A Quick Poll can help

The polling feature is available in group chats where users can initiate a poll by clicking the poll button in quick actions toolbar. The idea is to gather the opinion of the group and users can now do it more conveniently. Obviously you won’t be able to do this in a two-person chat.

We hope this makes decision making a little easier and more fun — polls are the way to get everyone organized fast

Don’t owe anyone or let them owe you

Payment suggestion feature uses the applications current friend-to-friend payment system and whenever you send a message that include trigger words like “you owe me $100” or “I owe you” the action buttons will appear below the message to make easy payments. Completing the payment may include entering your card details.

At this moment these new features are only available for the users in United States and to be rolled out soon for other countries very soon.