Zong & Islamabad Traffic Police Collaborate for Road Safety Campaign

Zong, CMPak has collaborated with Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) and Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) in a 10 day road safety awareness campaign, under which road safety messages have been prominently displayed on all major routes of Islamabad. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness amongst the residents of Islamabad regarding common traffic laws and road discipline.

Over the years, Zong has carried a socially responsible enterprise image and has shown a serious resolve in delivering on its social responsibilities. Through multi-stakeholder partnerships, Zong has contributed significantly towards numerous social causes ranging from Disaster Relief and Education to Social Welfare, positively impacting many lives in Pakistan.

This 10 day road safety awareness campaign will help commuters in Islamabad to understand traffic laws through easy to understand images and in turn would enhance road safety.