Google Wallpapers Application is Now Available for All Android Smartphones

What’s better than getting a fresh new wallpaper on your smartphone’s homescreen everyday. Google introduced this new feature with its latest flagship Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones by adding Google Wallpapers application.

The wallpapers app allows you pick a category of images and it will serve you a new wallpaper each day, from the very best of images. You can also set different walls for home and lockscreens or use the same for both.


Good news is that now all Android users (4.1 and up) can get this application from Play Store and it will work just fine. You can select different categories like Landscapes, Skies, Textures etc and the app will take care of the rest.

Performance of this application is also very good and you won’t feel any burden on your device if you’re running a Lollipop or Marshmallow build with more than 1GB of RAM.

Download From Play Store or Get the APK

You can get Google Wallpapers from Play Store or if you don’t have access to Play Store you can directly download the APK file from here – don’t worry we’ve checked its safe!

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