Uber started its taxi service in Pakistan earlier this year. Now this service available in Lahore and Karachi and soon to be launched in Islamabad.

Today Uber has announced to launch “Rickshaw” service in Lahore dubbed as uberAUTO. The aim of this service is to provide convenience and affordability and access to those areas where a car can’t move freely.

Rickshaws are already a popular way to move around Lahore, they are affordable and can avoid even the worst traffic jams. Moreover customers can save money on the fares.

uberAUTO Prices in Lahore

Base Fare: 45 Rupees
Per Km Charges: 4 Rupees
Per Minute Charges: 1 Rupee
Minimum Fare: Rs. 50

In order to call a rickshaw, open the Uber and slide the icon from uberGO to uberAUTO. Customers in Lahore can also use the promo code “AUTOLAHORE” in order to get 5 free rides till 23rd of October.