Did OPPO Pakistan Endorse iPhone by Mistake?

OPPO Pakistan has recently launched its flagship smartphone F1s, Limited Edition Classic Black in Pakistan.

A special event held at PC Karachi, was graced by OPPO’s first brand ambassador, HSY and top management of the Chinese brand in Pakistan.

One iPhone to Ruin it All:

OPPO has uploaded the event images to its Facebook page, so fans can get a glimpse of Selfie Expert’s launch. But one image remained the most conspicuous. In that picture one of OPPO Brand team’s key member could be seen flaunting an “iPhone”.

It gives a negative message that if people working for a particular brand don’t trust their own product, why should others? Also OPPO and many other Chinese smartphone brands are blamed to completely copy iPhone’s design.

We’re not discussing it to name and shame anyone. However the Brand / Marketing people should be extra careful while making public appearances.

What do you think, was it a simple mistake that could have gone unnoticed or is it something serious? the comments section is open to all.

Story Tipped by Usman! 

  • Imran Gulzari

    Do Chinese brands care about reputation? no – they only care about money.