Limofied, an Australian-owned ride-share, car-hire and car-booking service, has been officially launched in Pakistan. This service has started from Lahore but soon it will also be expanded to all other important cities of Pakistan.

Just like Uber and Careem, it allows passengers using smartphones to submit a trip-request, which is then transmitted to the closest Limofied drivers, who use their registered vehicles to provide timely and comfortable transportation services to different consumer segments.

The customers can access reliable 24/7 facilities, through a smartphone app, website and service center. Using proprietary technology, every car in the Limofied fleet is tracked. The passengers can also track their ride through our mobile app.

In-app text messages, along with email updates, are sent to the customer, when the car is on its way and when it has arrived at a pick up location.

Limofied Fare Details:

Currently it offers two types of cars, The business class charges Rs. 25 per kilometer with a base fare of Rs.149, per minute charges of Rs. 6 and minimum price for one trip will be Rs.199.

Its economy class segment charges Rs. 20 per kilometer, with base fare of Rs. 119, per minute charges of Rs. 4.5 and minimum charges for a single trip will be Rs. 150.

Does Limofied Stands a chance against Careem or Uber?

Well, if we are comparing the fares, no it doesn’t stand a chance and is actually quite expensive. Let’s calculate through an example how much it would cost on a single trip through Limofied, Careem and Uber.

Though we actually don’t know the quality of service provided by Limofied, however the company should seriously re-think its pricing strategy, since Uber and Careem are well-established multinational companies and enjoy better recognition and trust among customers.

Lemofied also plans to introduce, Rickshaw, Bike, Van, Lemousine and Female Driven car services in the near future, but once again pricing will be the main issue.