Microsoft Introduces GSoD in Windows 10 Insider Previews

We the “Windows Users” know all about the Blue Screen of Death. Everyone who has ever used any version of Windows, has encountered BSoD.

You’re doing some important work, playing a game or watching a movie, everything seems alright and next thing you know is that your PC has crashed.

Over the time, the BSoD has evolved and now Windows 10 features a empathetic sad face with a QR code, so you scan it and know more about why your PC crashed.

Green is the New Blue?

From now the developers and users of Insider Preview builds will be seeing a green screen instead of blue.

Why the GSoD? because Microsoft wants to make it easier to distinguish errors for different kind of builds.

A leaked preview version of Windows 10 (build 1499) tends to show the new green screen. Also Matthijs Hoekstra, a senior program manager for the Windows Enterprise Developer Platform, confirmed the authenticity of the GSoD his Twitter.

Talking about greens and blues, this leaked build also include a blue-light reduction mode to reduce eye strain in the night.