Rozee.PK introduces Employer Verification Feature on its Job Portal

Applying for a fake job online, doesn’t only waste your time and resources but also expose your private information to all kinds of dangerous people.

In Pakistan Rozee.PK is the premier online portal for applying jobs all over the country. Until now there wasn’t any safeguard for job seekers. There was no way a candidate could know if the Employer is legit and the job actually exists.


This is going to change now with Employer verification and hopefully it will abolish job scamming on this portal.

Founder and CEO of Naseeb Networks, Mr. Monis Rehman said in a press statement that “ROZEE.PK takes verification of all employers that post jobs on our site very seriously. Some employers do not provide their complete information including CNIC or government issued identification and therefore our support team is not able to verify their identity.”

Check before you Apply

This new system is already implement site wide and all authenticated employers and their job postings will appear with a green “Verified” sign where as others will show a yellow “Unverified badge.

Discretion is advised when applying to jobs of unverified employers. You can also contact Rozee.PK if you’re unsure about a certain job or employer.