The Smart School Project approved earlier this year by Planning Commission is about to kick start. 24 schools of Islamabad are selected in the first phase of this project.

State Minister, Dr Tariq Fazal has directed the Federal Directorate of Education to imitate the project after getting final approvals.

What is the Smart School Project?

Smart School Project brings the concept of blended learning. Which aims significant and rapid improvement in quality of education through technology-enabled learning.

Smart schools will have computer labs, internet & online learning with provision of teacher training.

Laboratories and libraries of the selected institutions to be upgraded and smart class rooms will be established under the project.

The project is focused on eight to 14-year olds, from middle and low economic backgrounds. During the first year, around 5,760 students will get technology-based quality education. This will increase up to approximately 17,280 in the third year.