A few days ago, I was thinking that some major acquisition stuff happened back in 2016 for the tech industry. Like Microsoft getting LinkedIn, Qualcomm acquiring NXP, the Yahoo Verizon deal, Turkish company buying Dawlance and the Warid Mobilink merger to name a few.

Well, it seems like this trend will continue in 2017 as well, since the Chinese camera drone company DJI has now acquired the majority stake in the Swedish camera brand Hasselblad.

For those who are not into camera stuff, Hasselblad is a company is best known for the classic medium-format cameras it produced since World War II and those are damn expensive.

It’s not officially announced yet:

DJI got the minority share back in November and since then it has been working closely with Hasselblad to release some new products. However, The Luminous Landscape reports that it heard from “reliable sources” that DJI has gone for the majority stake now. Of course the value of the deal is still unknown.

It could a win-win situation for both:

DJI is well known for making the best drones, but they don’t enjoy the name recognition among community of professional photographers in terms of camera experience.

On the other hand Hasselblad cameras are known as some of the best on the market and DJI could use Hasselblad technology to entirely replace the cameras used in their consumer-level drones.

But what happens to Hasselblad? will DJI leave them to operate like an independent subsidiary or would they merge both companies to get best out of them.