FIA conducted a raid in Karachi’s largest electronic market at Abdullah Haroon Road yesterday recovering hundreds of fake Samsung smartphones.

Acting on the complaint of brand protection firm Checkers, FIA raided the market and recovered huge quantity of replica and pirated Samsung phones.

The preliminary investigation reveals that these smartphones were smuggled from Afghanistan by crossing the border of Chaman in Balochistan.

These phones are sold in the market for much less price to attract the customers, who unknowingly buy fake products.

These counterfeit smartphones can be harmful since in case, the product malfunctions customers can’t make any warranty claims.

Moreover these devices are not registered with PTA and could be used in terrorism related activities.

Samsung Pakistan has advised the retailers and consumer to only buy official products by the company’s authorized shops.

Fake Electronics also on sale:

It merits mentioning here that other than smartphones, there are many other fake electronic items being sold in Pakistan, especially the LCD TVs.

These fake TVs contain logos of popular brands like Sony, Samsung and LG, although they are fake and are not approved for sale.

Customers are lured to buy these fake products by offering huge discounts and since it is not easy to differentiate between fake and original, customers often get fooled.

The authorities should also necessary action against this disgraceful act of selling counterfeit electronics and punish all the people involved in it