In this digital age, every person has 5-10 accounts which are frequently used and then there are dozen others rarely accessed.

All these accounts need passwords and remembering those passwords could be heck of a job. That is why people either use the same passwords for all accounts or go for the easy ones.

There are some people who can remember all those difficult passwords and some of them also use password managers. Yet a huge numbers of users are still using ridiculously terrible passwords.

123456 is still the most popular password:

Keeper Security, a secure password management company has analyzed over 10 million login details leaked online in 2016. It found out that people are still using 123456 as their password, almost 17 percent of those checked.

But since most of the accounts now require 8 digit or more for passwords, the second best was 123456789.

Some people are still using “password” as password, but compared to previous years, its frequency is dropping.

There are some complex passwords in that list like “18atcskd2w” and “3rjs1la7qe”, but it turns out that those were used by bots.

These worst passwords have barely been changed over the last few years. Of course users are to blame, but the website owners also share the responsibility. They’ve failed to enforce strong password policies even after years of service.

As a reminder if you want your accounts and personal data to be secure, make sure to use strong passwords with a variety of numerical, uppercase, lowercase and special characters to have greater protection against a brute force attack.