This Mobile Power Bank Can Also Jump Start Your Car

It doesn’t matter how big your smartphone battery is, or if it does charge fast – there are always times when we need Power Banks to charge the phones.

Although, carrying a power with you, all the time is such a hassle and sometimes you won’t need it at all. That is why we are seeing multipurpose Power Banks these days; with an LED light or Mp3 player.

PowerAll offers something different:

But this company called, PowerAll has done something interesting. Its Power Bank can not only charge your phone, but can actually jump-start your car as well and you could also use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

These Power Banks comes in different models based on the lithium battery capacity and the output voltage for different car sizes. It has a special port where you can plug in the clamps and connect them to car battery terminals.

However, as compared to normal Power Banks, these are quite expensive and range between $120 to $ 280. There will be some shipping costs as well, but we might see some cheaper replicas available at AliExpress or other online stores very soon.

The winter is already upon us and old car batteries are known to create problems, so this might be the best solution, rather than getting the battery out for charge or ask other car owners to jump start your car.

  • Ali Ali