OPPO Gets IDG’s Award of Global Top Smart Phones Brands and Connected Devices

The Chinese smartphone maker, OPPO has managed to win two top honors from International Data Group at CES in Las Vegas.

Patrick Kenealy, Managing Director of IDG Ventures USA, unveiled the lists of 2016-2017 Global Top 20 Smart Connected Devices Brands and Global Top 15 Smart Phones Brands.

Chinese Manufacturers are Gradually Dominating the Market:

Kenealy’s remarks acknowledged the growing success and technological leadership of a group of rising smartphone brands, including OPPO that made great strides in their global expansions during 2016.

Other Chinese smart phone brands such as Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, ZTE and Coolpad together with Apple and Samsung were also granted this honor.

It merits mentioning here that the award ceremony’s honorees were chosen through a process that evaluated brands in terms of technology, design, interaction and user experience.

OPPO’s Technology Planning Director, Luma Lu, accepted the award at the ceremony held at Las Vegas. He expressed himself on the occasion by saying: “This award motivates us to work hard and commit ourselves in bringing out the best camera phones for our consumers. We believe 2017 will be a better year in terms of performance and we will be striving hard to work towards the same.”

The ‘Global Top Brands’ ceremony is organized by US-based International Data Group (IDG) and is fully supported by research agency International Data Corporation (IDC).

This year marked the 11th time IDG has held the event, which aims to bolster the development of the consumer electronics industry through celebrating top global brands that have distinguished themselves with innovative technologies and a commitment to user satisfaction.