WhatsApp Remained the Popular Choice to Send New Year Messages

Over the past few years WhatsApp has become the first choice among mobile phone users to send greetings. It is evident from the fact that this New Year’s Eve a whopping 63 billion messages were sent through WhatsApp.

There were 7.9 billion images and 2.4 billion videos and almost 14 billion of the messages were from India.

WhatsApp combined with Facebook Messenger Rules Messaging:

In January 2015, people were sending 30 billion messages per day on WhatsApp. By February 2016, that number was 42 billion. If we combine it with Facebook’s Messenger, almost 60 billion messages are sent each day.

It merits mentioning here that at its peak, the SMS message protocol was handling 20 billion message per day. The number is going down, day by day as more people are making the switch to internet based messaging services.

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