Facebook introduced the Profiles Frames back in 2015, so people can show the support to their favorite sports teams around the world, without changing their current photos.

Now things have escalated a bit and Facebook is allowing all the users to proudly proclaim their country of origin as well.

For this reason nearly 200 flags are added to the frames feature and you can simply type in your country’s name, select the frame and it will put a flag in top left corner of your photo.

Facebook is trying to create a divide?

But Facebook is kind of “country” where people from every part world are considered “citizens”. This new feature surely contradicts the views of Mark Zuckerberg as he claims it to be unified global community.

However, it seems like through this new feature Facebook is trying to address some real world issues.

Mark Zuckerberg is actually conveying a message to world leaders like Donald Trump, that they should be more open to people from other nations rather than imposing restrictions on them. Be like Facebook, a global community where everyone can take pride in their nationality without hurting anyone else.

If you also want to add your country’s flag to the photo, click on your profile photo and select add frame or click here to quickly select it.