Individuals and companies in Pakistan can now get domain names in Urdu language as well after ICANN has passed resolution on Internet Registry Pakistan. Similarly it also includes other regional languages using these alphabets.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a nonprofit organization. It manages the Internet’s core infrastructure, which consists of IP addresses, domain names, and root servers.

ICANN Allows Urdu with ۔پاکستان ccTLD:

Federal Minster for Information and Technology, Anusha Rahman told media that ICANN Board has passed resolution on Internet Registry Pakistan. Finally, the local community will be enabled to register and use internet domains in our native languages and scripts.

This is an important milestone to proliferate digitalization in Pakistan through local content. Moreover, it will help promoting local languages instead of English.

Through this resolution, National Telecommunication Corporation will be the manager for internet registry Pakistan. However, it is not clear that when users will be able to register in local language with ۔پاکستان country code.