JazzCash and 1Link Join Hands to Facilitate Payments

JazzCash has recently partnered with 1LINK so now the customers can pay for JazzCash vouchers through 1LINK Member Banks that have integrated this facility.

This is a move towards open and inter-operable payments systems that will increase collaboration
among financial institutions. It facilitates millions of banking customers who shop online, supports e-commerce growth, which is a direct result of increased 3G & 4G usage in Pakistan.

JazzCash for non banking users:

Previously, JazzCash vouchers focused on those customers without Mobile Accounts or Debit/Credit cards. Customers could use the option of voucher payment on the checkout page and later pay this amount at JazzCash shops.

1LINK is the largest ATM Switch and interbank payment network service provider of Pakistan. Customers can now pay for these vouchers by using any 1LINK member bank’s ATM or internet banking facility.