Smartphone addiction can kill you, but there is no easy way to cure this obsession. That’s why governments around the world are taking precautionary measures by introducing new traffic system.

People who are driving and using phones are hazardous, but pedestrians consumed by their smartphones also ignore the traffic signs.

Smartphone Glued to your eye? There’s a┬ásolution:

China has made special lanes in several cities where smartphone addicts can walk without bumping into cars and other people. Germany and Netherlands took a different approach by installing LED strip lights into the pavement.

The pedestrians traffic lights consists of an LED strip sunk into the pavement, with a link to existing traffic lights and changes color at the same time.

This new traffic system will help distracted smartphone users know about traffic on the road and might probably save them from a disaster.

There is a word for smartphone addicts:

Last year German dictionary publisher Langenscheidt chose “smombie” as the Youth Word of the Year, derived from “smartphone” and “zombie”.

We might not see these traffic lights in Pakistan anytime soon, but smartphone addicts here are also causing havoc on the roads. Make sure you’re not one of them, the smombies.