Chinese smartphone maker OPPO might not be launching any new phone at the MWC, because it never did in the past. However the company has started a teaser campaign for a “Tech Innovation Event” called 5x.

While the teaser it self doesn’t say much, we know that this new technology is all about smartphone photography. Sky Li, the Vice President of OPPO and the man behind its international success says that the 5x technology is the result of an extensive, year-long R&D process, combined with OPPO’s unparalleled expertise in smartphone imaging technology.

He said that the 5x technology will inspire the industry to aim higher, and continue to create pioneering products that give amazing experiences to consumers. That’s the reason they have selected MWC to unveil it there.

What is OPPO 5x Technology?

The tag line “Go 5x Further” and the teaser text “So close you can feel it” yells that it has to do with some kind of zoom. OPPO is known for its unique camera approach and it previously launched rotating camera phones as well. So, if they launch phones with 5x optical zoom it won’t come as a surprise.

All things considered, it could also be a camera accessory that you can attach to your current smartphones in order to better photos.

To get some more insights we’ve reached Mr. Kevin Hu, Brand Manager OPPO Pakistan, but he denied any comments saying he doesn’t know yet what it could be.

We have to wait until Feb 27 to actually see if its a new smartphone camera, an accessory or may be a new camera software.

What do you think it could be? we’re happy that at last OPPO is out of Selfie craze and now focusing on some real innovation that was once the main focus of this company.