Save and Share Lists of Your Favorite Places on Google Maps

An update for the Google Maps application on iOS and Android brings the ability to create, share and follow lists of specific locations.

Here’s how you do it:

Open the Google Maps app and find a place you always wanted to visit. Tapping on the place name and then the “Save” icon adds the place to one of several pre-set lists like “Want to Go” or “Favorites.” You can also make new lists according to your liking.

To recall the lists you’ve created, go to Your Places (in the side menu) and then open the saved tab. Icons for the places you’ve saved to lists will appear on the map itself.

You can also share lists via text, email, social networks and other popular messaging apps. Once you send a link to your friends they can tap “Follow” to pull up the list from Your Places whenever they need it.

The lists feature is now available for all Google Maps user, it can be viewed on mobile and desktop, both online and offline.

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