Quicko, an auto-parts company based in UK has used the Google Search data to find out the popular car brands around the world in 2016.

The Quicko team looked at 193 countries that to look for trends and patterns in car related searches.

This data however doesn’t represent the actual sales of particular brands as most of the searches are carried out by people who wish to see videos of the cars in action or check out their specs, rather than actually buy one.

Pakistanis Love Honda:

While Toyota topped the list in the highest number of countries – that is actually 74, Honda got much higher search hits from Pakistan. May be because people were looking for the new Civic, right?

National Loyalty isn’t Strong:

You’d think that in countries with car industries, those brands would be most popular, but it isn’t necessarily the case. The search trends shows that other than BMW, Renault, Volvo and Fiat most brands were not able to score top in their home countries.

Nigerians Don’t have the Riches but Love Bugatti:

We all know that certain “Nigerian Princes” have a lot of money that they frequently offer us via “SPAM” emails, but common citizens aren’t so rich to buy luxury cars. Yet it didn’t stop them from googling Bugatti. We can only assume it’s through curiosity rather than putting names on waiting lists.

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