WhatsApp is soon going to introduce a new feature that would allow users to recall or edit sent messages. This long awaited feature will save millions of users from sheer embarrassment when they accidentally send a wrong message.

There’s another new feature in development that would allow users to share their location in group chats in real time. Although, they will have to turn on the privacy and location sharing option in order to use this.

WhatsApp Copying WeChat?

Interestingly both of these features are already present in WeChat, one of China’s leading messaging service. So WhatsApp is actually copying these, but since many people don’t know about WeChat, it seems that WhatsApp will take all the credit.

Recall and Location Sharing Features in WeChat

At present, there is no information regarding the general availability of these features, however sources suggest that iOS users could soon see these features if they have signed up for the “beta” program.