You can now Live Stream on Facebook Through Desktop and Laptop Computers

Facebook has recently starting rolling out a new update which allows people around the world to broadcast live video to Facebook from their desktop or laptop computers.

The company highlighted that desktop or laptop computers provide a stable camera setup that can be beneficial to many types of Facebook Live broadcasts. For example, people doing Q&A sessions, tutorials or lectures can highly benefit from this new update.

How to Live Stream on Facebook from Desktop Computers?

Go to your newsfeed or personal timeline and click “Live Video” from the top. Then follow the prompts to add a description and choose your audience.

Live Streaming with Third Party Software:

Most of the businesses and professional do live streaming through third party software, which allows them more functionality. However, earlier the software streaming was limited to Pages only. Now Facebook says that personal profiles can also live stream through third party software like Wirecast, OBS Studio etc.

They also have the option to broadcast to Facebook Groups they belong to, Facebook Events they’re part of, or Facebook Pages they manage.

You can go live with streaming software or external hardware directly from News Feed, your profile, or the direct link here. Check out this step-by-step guide.

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