Google’s ReCAPTCHA Turns Invisible, Won’t Ask If You’re a Human Anymore

CAPTCHAs, the one thing humans hate the most on the internet. Sure they do restrict spammers and bots, but it very painful when you’ve to write two random letters, or identify “tree photos” just to prove your humanity.

Thanks to Google’s security AI, now you won’t be asked to check a box or solve annoying puzzles as it automatically detects if you’re a human or not ─ well most of the time.

reCAPTCHA will now become Invisible:

Google introduced the reCAPTCHA a couple of years ago, which replaced the annoying puzzles with a simple checkbox. You just had to click the checkbox and Google would know if you’re a human or not. In case there’s a suspicion it will ask you to match some images.

Now Google is making reCAPTCHA invisible, which means you won’t even see a checkbox and Google will use its AI to determine if you’re a real person.

The “Invisible reCAPTCHA” will be assigned to an existing button on the website and won’t be visible, unless the AI thinks you’re a bot. In that case you’ll be offered to complete a simple puzzle.

This new implementation will ensure that real people will see less of ReCAPTCHAs and would get an annoyance free web experience.