Huawei P10 Gets a Brilliant 87 Camera Rating from DxOMark

The Huawei P10, latest flagship device from the Chinese smartphone maker has managed to get 87 rating out of 100 from the camera benchmarking website DxOMark.

It is worth noting that P10 is one point higher than the Apple iPhone 7, which has a rating of 86, however it isn’t the top scorer in the mobile camera category as Google Pixels tops the chart with the rating of 89.

On the other hand, devices with similar camera ratings include, Moto Z, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Sony Xperia XZ and Sony Xperia Z5.

Huawei P10 Termed as Top Performer:

DxoMark notes that Huawei P10 is presently one of the best smartphones they’ve tested for photography enthusiasts. It provides good exposures in all conditions, including extreme low light, and good color rendering with accurate white balance.

Detail and texture preservation is also very good, producing some of the sharpest results we’ve seen, and the P10’s autofocus is fast, accurate, and repeatable in both trigger and auto mode.

Furthermore, it mentions that video files on the Huawei P10 display excellent detail preservation in both bright- and low-light conditions, with slightly improved edge definition compared to its main competitor, the Google Pixel.

P10 Launch and Pricing in Pakistan:

Though we didn’t get any official date or exact pricing details from Huawei, but the teaser campaign on their Facebook page hints that P10 and P10 Plus would arrive at the end of this month in Pakistan.

We can assume that Huawei will follow the international pricing for both these phones, putting a price tag of Rs. 69,999 on P10 and a slightly higher 74,999 on P10 Plus.