When I was a kid, there were no mobile phones but other distractions included computers, video games, kite flying, cricket etc. You could play all day while ignoring your homework.

My mom always asked me to focus more on studies and less on playing and I tried my best to act on her advice. It never crossed my mind to argue with her because deep down I knew it was for my own good.

However, an unnamed Spanish kid thought otherwise. When his mom asked him to hit the books instead of using Instagram and Snapchat, he took the matter to the court.

Europa Press reports that a 15-year-old lad in southern Spain denounced his mother for mistreatment after she confiscated his mobile phone in an attempt to make him study.

The Judge Sided with the Mother:

Magistrate Luis Columna, who heard the case wasn’t particularly happy with the boy’s attitude. He declared that the mother was well with in her rights and took a right action as a responsible parent.

He further said that the mother’s action was required by the law, as it is among the duties of parents to be responsible for child’s education.

Mobile Phone addiction is taking over:

It is not clear what happened next, but I do hope the kid got a lesson and won’t try this stunt in the future. This incident also shows that people, especially the youth around the world is getting addicted to smartphones and would do anything stupid if someone tries to unglue them from their mobile screens.