Nokia phones are well-known for their durability, in fact the original Nokia 3310 owns the title of most durable phone ever made.

Since Nokia is back in the smartphone game and HMD Global is its new home, the company has already launched 3 smartphones and a modern iteration of Nokia 3310.

Nokia fans in Pakistan are quite excited to try these new phones, but unfortunately, HMD Global is quite slow in terms of “Global” expansion. We are hoping that these phones make it to Pakistan before June, but it could get delayed.

Anyway Nokia 6 was the first smartphone from HMD, which was launched almost 2 months ago in China. Then HMD relaunched it for global markets at the MWC.

Nokia 6 is Badass Phone that survived Harsh treatment:

This phone features some very good specifications and the pricing puts it in the mid-range category. However, the one question remains is about its durability. Luckily YouTuber, Jerry got his hands on a brand new Nokia 6 and made a short little video for his channel in which he tries to scratch the phone, then burns it a little and after that try very hard to bend it.

Surprisingly Nokia 6 survived after all this brutality, however you might want to see it for yourself in the video below. Be warned as it contains some “graphic violence” against the beguiling Nokia 6: