The Prime Minster of Pakistan has inaugurated the “Punjab Police Digital System” in Lahore. This new system is a collaboration between Punjab Police and Punjab Information Technology Board.

The digital system focuses on making liaison among all police stations for the exchange of information regarding culprits.

The FIR lodging system has also been made computerized under new reforms and now it will be easier to maintain performance check on all stations, even those in the remote areas.

The key highlights of this new digital system are:

  • Appointment of educated civilians at front desks in all police stations.
  • All complaints will be registered under the new Complaint Management System.
  • Data computerization of all police stations under the Record Management System.
  • Establishment of a central criminal data base, that gets update from all stations.
  • Media Center, that monitors the law and order situation and directs queries to relevant stations.
  • Establishment of IGP Complaint Line 8787 for general public to complain about police behavior.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Prime Minister lauded the sacrifices of policemen who had given their lives to protect the country. He also directed the senior police officers to ensure that police stations welcome citizens who want to lodge complaints and make this new system work for the people.