Uber Meets Bloggers to Commemorate its First Anniversary in Pakistan

It’s been almost a year since Uber arrived in Pakistan and to mark the occasion Uber held a bloggers meetup in Lahore, where lifestyle and technology bloggers and journalists got a chance to catch up with Uber’s team in Pakistan.

The General Manager for Uber Pakistan, Mr. Safee Shah was the host of the event who shared very interesting facts and stats from Uber’s operations in Pakistan.

He told that people having professional background not only utilize the Uber app to get from one place to another but there are drivers who are using Uber to supplement their existing income, that includes lawyers, engineers and people from other walks of life.

Uber team didn’t share the exact details of the total rides taken in Pakistan yet or what is the turnover rate for Uber until now. Moreover, the event was missing representation from the Uber drivers, since they are the ones usually complaining about company policies.

Uber Drivers are Well Trained and Verified:

Talking about a certain rival company (Careem) and some of their unfortunate incidents, Uber team ensured that they select the drivers with thorough background checks and there is a mechanism to report bad behavior of the drivers.

Uber also said that if you ever lose your valuables in any Uber car, the team has 6 hours’ resolution time for such queries and in 99% cases Uber drivers have returned those items.