Early Signs of Trouble? Samsung Galaxy S8 Owners Complain About Screen Issues

Samsung managed to get record number of pre-orders for its latest duo of flagships devices, namely the Galaxy S8 and S8+. It was a sigh of relief for the Korean smartphone maker since its last phone, the Note 7 didn’t do well and was pulled off the shelves for being “explosive“.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ are scheduled to go on sale this weekend worldwide, but it seems like Samsung have another problem on its hands

The customers in South Korea have already got their hands on the new phone and many of them are complaining their brand new Galaxy S8 appears to have an unusual red tint on the screen.

Well, red is a sign of warning – isn’t it? but Samsung’s representative says that this has nothing to do with the hardware and can be easily changed through a little bit tweaking in the settings.

However, Korean S8 owners have posted photos of their phone on social media websites, claiming that the red hues are permanent and there is no fix through settings.

CNET reports that this issue could be due to the use “Deep Red” OLED technology which makes the usual whites look reddish and its likely a “software calibration issue.”

There are no confirmations about the actual problem yet and this could be just limited to Korean version of S8 only.

S8 and S8+ will Launch at the End of This Month in Pakistan:

In Pakistan the sale of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 will start from April 28, the price for S8 is Rs. 87,000 and the S8+ will have a 97,000 price tag. Customers who will pre-order the phones will also get Rs. 6,000 cash vouchers (discount) on the phones.

Samsung is hoping to sell millions and millions of these new phones, the company even claimed that the S8 and S8+ will break the sales record of S7 and S7 Edge, but if the red tint turns out to be yet another widespread hardware mishap; Samsung might lose its smartphone business altogether.