LinkedIn has more than Half a Billion Users Across 200 Countries Now

LinkedIn, the business and employment oriented social networking website has now more than half a billion members across 200 countries.

In a blog post, LinkedIn says that this community now represents 10 million active jobs, access to 9 million companies, and with more than 100,000 articles published every week.

LinkedIn started its journey back in 2002 and last year in June, software giant Microsoft bought this company for $26 Billion USD. While there are few competitors to LinkedIn, at this moment it is the most popular social networking website among job seekers and professionals.

It is worth noting that Facebook and Google are also trying to get their market share in this industry, however for the next couple of years there is no threat to LinkedIn’s position.

Some Stats about the LinkedIn Community:

LinkedIn says that each connection made through its service gives you an opportunity to get connect with average of 400 new people, 100 new companies and 500 new jobs.

LinkedIn has also shared statistics on users in different countries and how many people they’re connected with:

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